28 January 2007

Electric Boogaloo

We've just released the second version of tiny, the cutest lil' CMS you ever did see, and we can't wait to see what you think of it. In response to your excellent feedback (thanks again, incidentally -- the response has been overwhelming and wonderful), the needs of some sites we're working on, and our inability to stop tinkering with it, tiny 2 has a number of improvements, including sortable tables in the administration view and database creation/updates through migrations (no more create.sql, unless you're into that sort of thing -- freak).

The most noticeable change in the new version is the replacement of the old feeds paradigm with a spiffy bit of mojo we call widgets. A widget can be a snippet of text (Redcloth, naturally) or an RSS or Atom feed, and you can have as many as you like. Now, instead of allowing just one RSS/Atom feed per site and optionally displaying that feed on one or more of your pages, you now have the ability to show and order the content across your pages like the badass we both know you are.

You'll also notice that the mojo to parse and display feeds is exposed through the tiny.js file that helps power the site; this means that slick Javascript coders will be able to get and show feed content anywhere (and any way) they want by extending what's already there. Rock on.

As always, the best way to grab the new version of tiny is by hitting the Subversion repository, but there's also a .zip file available over at the main site.

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