22 February 2007

Strap on the Feedbag

The newest addition to the toys page is feedMachine, a one-two punch of JavaScript goodness that makes dealing with feeds a little more fun.

The mojo behind the scenes is actually two objects; the first, WarRocketAjax, does an Ajax request to whatever URL it is given. It does a GET by default, but you can tell it to POST, if that's your kink.

WarRocketAjax is overridden by FeedMachine, which gets a feed (RSS and Atom both work) and writes it to a JS object that you can do with what you may. There's a demo file included in the zip archive.

I'm doing an increasing amount of OOP work in my JavaScript coding. Either I'm evolving, or it's time to seek professional help.

13 February 2007

Stay on the scene

We've just added another piece of mellow gold to the toys page -- this time it's urlMachine, a bit of JavaScript nastiness that will take any URL and make it into an object that can be queried, modified, and loved up. Enjoy.