13 September 2006

Layout idea request

So we're in the final stages of putting the tiny site, and I need some ideas. Specifically, I need some examples of something small triumphing over something small. Examples of this would be David and Goliath, an elephant being afraid of a mouse, etc.

I've got two. I need a half dozen or so. If you can send me some ideas, I'd really appreciate it, and I'll be sure to give you props on the site once it's launched.


If you want to start playing with the app before the official launch, the SVN repository is at http://svn.ubermondo.com/tiny...


Thomas said...

Here's a few:
* A midget wrestler vs a mexican wrestler
* A bull that wins in a bull-fight
* The ebola virus vs the human body
* The chihuahua (sp?) vs the great dane
* Mugsy Bogues vs Shaq
* Mini cooper: escape pod for a Hummer
* Apple vs Cray (too geeky?)
* That scene from the new Superman movie when he catches the airplane
* A 12 year old vs an RIAA lawyer. If the kid was retarded, that would be even better.

And I think that's about all I got.


Dieter said...

Sweetness -- I'll play around with those ideas when I get a chance...